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Your IT Person and Covid-19

I'm sure you're concerned about how contagious this virus is.  Most of us in the professional IT industry do not want to contract this virus ourselves, so we will take precautions.  As professionals we have been doing this as common practice because ... well ... we don't like getting sick, and we don't want someone to get sick because of us.  That's bad for business as well.

I will take precautions such as washing my hands, and using disinfectant lotion or wipes.  Just before I give back your computing device, I will give your device a 'wipe down' to make sure you don't catch something from me.

We should also consider that we may be 'sharing' computing devices.  Devices such as keyboards, mice, smartphones, tablets, debit machines, ATMs, game-pads, pretty well anything that we touch and share.  Consider if someone else has potentially 'touched' your technology.  What can you do?  I recommend unplugging or turning off your devices first.  Use disinfectant wipes to rub down your phones, keyboards, mice, and other 'buttons' on and around your input devices.  Try and avoid wiping the screen with regular disinfectant wipes though, use regular screen cleaner to avoid smudges and such.  Then wash or wipe your hands.  You should do this on a regular basis, maybe every day or especially when you think someone else has been using your devices.

Here's a great video on how to wash your hands properly. (Opens in a new window, sorry for the advert)

Having said all that, should your favourite IT person contract any sort of virus, I can only hope that they will self isolate and try to work things out with a remote connection, or sub contract another IT person, if an on-site visit is required.  I know I will.

A little prevention can go a long way towards preventing apprehension.

And now for the bad news, there may be a new scam on the horizon regarding Covid-19.   Please Click on this link to Read (Opens in a new window)